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Do I have a heart wall too? 

Anyone can have a heart wall, whether small or large, anyone can suffer heart pain or experience trauma. (Even animals can have a heart wall, a trapped emotion.)

"In my experience, 93% of people have a heart wall. Most of those without a heart wall I met were young children who had never had painful events in their lives." Dr. Bradley Nelson

What is a heart wall?

You must have heard the phrase "you pulled a wall around you" or "your heart breaks."

It is no accident that these sayings came into being. Indeed, this is the case when a severe emotional concussion occurs, our heart is injured, or in danger of being "broken," in response to the subconscious to protect the heart from the trapped emotional energy by drawing a wall around the heart.

Negative effects of the heart wall include: 

you can't show your love properly 

- you do not have self-confidence,

- you feel like you are just an outside observer of your life, you are just drifting with the tide,

- you feel an outsider in your family, group of friends, other environment,

- you have a hard time finding friends,

- you have a hard time finding a party or your relationship is very short,

- you have a hard time finding a job

- you have financial difficulties.


"Ever since you first finished the session, I've also received 3 feedbacks on how much happier, calmer, more joy I am than in recent months. And I feel the same way. Huge gratitude for that!" Zita

The following stories are from Dr. Bradley Nelson: The Emotion Code. they come from his book. They shed light on how incredible and immediate the release of trapped emotional energies can change our lives.

Emotion Code stories, based on Dr. Braldey Nelson's experience: 


"Miranda is a pretty 38 year old nurse who visited me because of her neck pain. During the investigation, she said she had not been with anyone for years and would never want to make contact with anyone again. Eight years earlier, Miranda had her heart broken by a man she loved very much. Her subconscious mind, to protect her from all further such pain and injury, created a heart wall. Miranda's body was stifled by three enduring emotions that prevented her from forming a new relationship. The causes of her neck pain were also largely these heart wall emotions. I didn't see Miranda for 3 months after that. When she reappeared, she looked very happy. She told me that after our last meeting, she ran into his childhood love, whom she hadn't seen since elementary school, even though, as it turned out, they had lived barely a block apart for almost 8 years. They started meeting and now they are very much in love. "


"One day a woman named Paula visited her son Rick, who was 17 at the time. Paula said her son has problems with his temper. He got into inadequate company and his tickets were also very bad. Paula was afraid that the next step might be drugs, so she asked me for help. When I did the test on this very quiet yet passionate young man, it soon turned out to have a heart wall. Five treatments were needed to remove Rick's heart wall. The emotions on his heart wall revolved around his father and how desolate he had felt over the years. The divorce of his parents put a lot of strain on the boy. In addition to several other entangled emotions, he also had anger, frustration, resentment, and feelings of worthlessness. Since he no longer had to express his anger and resentment, he switched to a more ordinary hairstyle. In addition, his study grades have changed a lot. "

You can read more Emotion Code stories on Dr. Bradley Nelson's website: 


I have shared the above quotes with permission. 

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