Body-mind-soul balance!

Body code

Our physical body is a reflection of our soul.

Our body in the form of physical symptoms (also) indicates to us when we have a problem to be solved and processed on a spiritual level.

What is body code and how does it work? 

With the help of body code, we determine in which area we have an imbalance that inhibits our body's ability to heal itself, maintains, causes, or contributes to the development of many diseases. We go down layer by layer.



associated imbalance. 

Everything is connected to everything like a castle of cards. Sometimes we solve an imbalance for one problem and a change occurs for another problem.

The body code system was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, an American holistic chiropractor, one of the most advanced energy healing techniques. Our subconscious knows exactly what we need to achieve physical-mental-spiritual balance.

Based on Dr. Bradley Nelson's experience, 6 major imbalances lead to all diseases: 


Emotional, mental imbalances.

Circuits and systems 

Physical pain and discomfort resulting from the imbalance of the energetic connections of the organs and glands.

Structural differences  

Functional disorders and pains due to the structural imbalance of the body structure. 


Imbalances caused by various toxins, chemicals, radiation.


Imbalances caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria.

Nutrition or lifestyle

Physical symptoms due to nutritional or lifestyle imbalances.

The purpose of emotional and physical balance is not to establish a medical diagnosis, to cure diseases, it is not a substitute for a professional medical examination and diagnosis. Severe illness or symptoms, pain, malaise, etc. always consult a doctor! 

The body code can help you in several areas: 

To relieve physical discomfort

various pains (neck, knee, shoulder, muscle, joint, waist, etc.) 

weight problems, 

low blood sugar hypothyroidism, 




chron disease Cancer, 

autism, etc. 

Emotional discomfort 



attention deficit, 

learning difficulty, 


panic attack, 

various fears, 


sleep disorder phobias, etc. 

Relationships and goals 




unable to, for example, achieve success, be in love, overcome some kind of blow. etc.

The body code is about energy balancing 

No magic! Don't wait for a miracle! 

Imbalances that have accumulated over several years and are already in the form of physical pain should not be expected to recover from magic during 1 session.
During the session, I resolve imbalances related to the given problem (which can be), but it takes time for the physical body to recover as well. Symptoms may get worse initially. To recover, we must first "destroy" the already entrenched evil.

The subconscious is very intelligent, knowing better what we need than ourselves, only letting go of an emotion that we no longer need.