Our subconscious knows everything that has happened to us in our lives. He remembers every face, sound, melody, taste, smell, feeling, touch that we felt and experienced during our lives. It stores all the injuries (physical, mental) we have suffered.

Our subconscious is aware of how many pieces and how stuck our emotions and imbalances are and how these emotions and imbalances affect our physical, emotional and mental state.

It know what the emotions are that are detrimental to us, making our lives harder. It knows which emotions and imbalances would solve our happier, more balanced life, but he can only solve these emotions and imbalances if we consciously ask him to let these trapped emotions and imbalances no longer affect our actions, our feelings, our everyday lives. . 

During the session, using a muscle test, we use our subconscious mind to explore various imbalances and stuck emotions. 

Our subconscious leads us to "yes" and "no" answers to the questions asked during the muscle test, to various imbalances and stuck emotions.

The emotion and imbalance found is removed from the body with the help of a magnet, which will not return after the removal.

During the muscle test, it is possible to find out when, in connection with which event the given emotion was suppressed. 

Energy medicine is the oldest healing method known today.

Energy is like electricity or a radio wave. We don't see it, colorless, odorless, but still there, very much existing.

Session available: 
  • via e-mail. (Hungarian, English)  I would recommend to someone who is too busy or doesn't have the time, opportunity, or doesn't want a "direct connection" but wants to experience the positive effects of emotional balancing. (We will discuss the date of the session, the problem by e-mail, and then I will complete the session at the agreed time, the results of which I will inform you in a message.)

In each case, after the session, I will send a detailed description of the outcome of the treatment.

A session of 30-45 minutes, during which time 5-10 (or as much as the subconscious allows) is trapped to let go of emotions, imbalances.

After the removal of the trapped emotions and imbalances, processing symptoms may occur in 20% of the cases: 

Fatigue, irritability, sensitivity, "echo" of released emotions.

These symptoms can last from 2-3 hours to 2-3 days!

The purpose of emotional and physical balance is not to establish a medical diagnosis, to cure diseases, it is not a substitute for a professional medical examination and diagnosis. Severe illness or symptoms, pain, malaise, etc. always consult a doctor! 

Introductory session                    

email (english,hungary) (45 perc) 

I recommend it to those who just want to try this method. I can only deal with 1 specific problem in 1 session. For example, in the case of various minor pains, allergies, fears, anxiety, etc., problems can be achieved. I only use the Emotion code during the session, I do not solve other imbalances. 

10.000 Ft˛/

1 session

 ~34 dollár

Balance session                                  

email (english,hungary) (45 perc)

I recommend it to those who want to try out the possibilities offered by body code. During the session, I use the body code to solve the imbalances associated with the given problem. It is possible to unlock attacking energies (entity, saboteur, cord), restore chakra balance. Imbalances that have accumulated over several years and are already in the form of physical pain cannot be magically restored in 1 session.

15 000 Ft/

1 session

~50 dollár

Heart wall package                                          

3 session (3x45 perc),  email (english, hungary)

I recommend it to those who want to change their lives by eliminating emotional imbalances, breaking down a heart wall.

28.000 Ft/

3 session

~ 94  dollár

Harmony package                                          

3 session (3x45perc), email (english, hungary)

Imbalances related to a problem causing a physical symptom, solving a mental problem. In my experience, a minimum of 3 sessions is required to address imbalances that can be described as a serious problem (at least 6 on a scale of 10). I use the body code for the solutions. In installments, you can pay about 15,000 HUF / session per session.

36 000 Ft/

3 session

~120 dollár

Wish package                                        

5 session (5x45 perc), email (english, hungary)

I recommend it to those who want to eliminate energy imbalances in several areas. During the 5 sessions, I solve what you want, heart wall breakdown, offensive energy, physical pain, mental problem, matchmaking, job search, and so on. I use the body code for the solutions. In installments, you can pay about 15,000 HUF / session per session.

65.000 Ft/ 

5 session

~217 dollár