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Emotion Code

The Emotion Code helps you find and release emotions that are stuck. 

What are those trapped emotions? 

Throughout our lives, we experience a lot of emotions, good and bad. We are usually able to process these emotions immediately or within a short period of time, however, when an emotion is overwhelming or shocking (e.g., car accident, divorce, etc.) or just sick, we are tired of the negative emotions that can easily engulf our bodies. That is, the emotion experienced is not fully processed, it remains in the body.

The energy of less strong emotions can also be captured anywhere in the body when the conditions are right.

Trapped emotions distort the body's normal energy field, creating imbalances in the body.

"I am convinced that the emotions trapped can be found behind almost every disease, either directly or indirectly." Dr. Bradley Nelson 

Inherited emotions 

Like DNA, we inherit emotions, we get an emotional package at birth.

In the same way, we "give" our children a package at birth.

By resolving ourselves, negative, limiting emotions are resolved retrospectively by everyone who has been affected, and if we have already passed them on to our children, they are also resolved by them.

Negative effects of trapped emotions (own or inherited) include:

- often or angry, tense, nervous,

- you have difficulty sleeping

- you are afraid of, for example, driving, water, animals, altitude, flying, etc. .

- you have compulsive activities e.g. smoking, compulsion to eat, compulsion to eat, etc.

- you can't get pregnant.

The emotion code can help you in several areas: 

Emotional discomfort



attention deficit, 

learning difficulty, 


panic attack, 

various fears, 


sleep disorder phobias, etc. 

Relationships and goals  




unable to, for example, achieve success, be in love, overcome some kind of blow. etc.

Emotional balancing is not intended to make a medical diagnosis, cure disease, nor is it a substitute for professional medical examination and diagnosis. Severe illness or symptoms, pain, malaise, etc. always consult a doctor! 

The following stories are from Dr. Bradley Nelson: The Emotion Code. they come from his book. They shed light on how incredible and immediate the release of entrapped emotional energies can change our lives.

Emotion Code stories, Based on Dr. Braldey Nelson's experience: 


"Kirk was an angry man. He visited me in the late seventies because of his back pain. He shouted at my assistant and treated me rudely with me too. He treated his wife with contempt, who supported him in everything and was kind to him. I examined the feelings of anger, bitterness, anxiety, resentment, frustration, and fear that were trapped, and the origins of several of which were traced back to childhood. As a result of the removal of unnecessary emotions, Kirk changed completely. He is now a kind, passionate husband who is more worried about his wife than about his own pains. He had always complained about everything in the past, but now his interest is on others, he smiles a lot and he cares little. "


"Carol had a rather strange phobia - she was already in a severe panic attack when she saw a picture of an airplane in the newspaper or on television. If the plane slid high above her head, she had to stare her gaze to the ground, otherwise the panic attack came immediately. Using a muscle test, I asked her subconscious mind if she had any trapped emotion that was causing this phobia. 
The answer was yes.  It turned out that she had read a newspaper article about the tragedy of a passenger plane years earlier. The article had a picture of the plane taken shortly before the crash. When Carol read the article, she was very captivated by the emotions. She identified strongly with the terrified passengers in spirit, and this created a trapped emotion in her. I removed the problematic emotion and the phobia ceased immediately. He no longer had a problem with the sight of the planes, whether he met him in a picture or in the sky. "

You can read more Emotion Code stories on Dr. Bradley Nelson's website: 


I have shared the above quotes with permission.

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