Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a stuck emotion too?

Almost everyone has a trapped emotion. Everyone has a harder time in their lives.

How many sessions do I need? 

It is entirely up to the individual to decide how many entangled emotions they have about a particular problem. A child with a sensitive spirit / hard fate can also have a lot of entrenched emotions. It doesn't just depend on age. Your subconscious decides how fast you can let go of emotions.

Are you sure you will use it?

Imagine the trapped emotion of a big mountain. If you start breaking down the top, you may feel a little lighter, but you can make a bigger difference if you break down the whole mountain. A mountain can consist of 2-3 emotions, but even more than 10 (or more) entrapped emotions. Or, in the case of each problem, other imbalances may occur, so I can't guarantee that your problem will completely disappear, but it can be useful in any case. In all cases of serious illness or symptoms, seek medical advice, Emotion Code should be considered as adjunctive therapy.

How much time must elapse between two sessions? 

Usually 2-3 days. The subconscious may be asked how many days it takes to process the emotions released and when he can release more emotions.

If I request a session by email, how do I know if it has taken place? 

In the case of e-mail handling, we will discuss the date of the session in advance. In each case, I will inform you of the result in a message.